Thanks mom(s)

Besides my mom (who passed away several years ago), today I’d like to thank the other moms who helped raise me:

June Cleaver
Laura Petrie
Carol Brady
Shirley Partridge
Donna Stone
Margaret Anderson
Harriet Nelson

Here it comes

Just a quick note to let you know that the April Letter is indeed coming. I actually wrote it at the end of April but just haven’t had a chance to print it out and put it in envelopes and mail it. Thanks for your patience.

Also, I was sad to hear about the death of Josh Ozersky. He was a really interesting food writer I worked with at AOL’s Slashfood several years ago (and thanks to the Internet Archive for preserving those posts because AOL certainly isn’t going to do it). He was a writer for Esquire and The Wall Street Journal and had written for Time, Rachael Ray’s mag and Newsday. He was also a founder of the Grub Street blog and had a highly entertaining web show too. I didn’t know him but he brought something new and opinionated to the world of food writing and criticism (he was a fine writer, period) and he’ll be missed.

Return of the Son of Five Things About Media and Technology Right Now

(Part 5 in the series. Here’s Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4).

1. SEO is science. Headlines are art.

2. Signs you’re getting older: you start to pay a littttttttttle bit more attention to the medicine commercials on the nightly news.

3. Saddest thing I’ve read in a while, from Nieman Journalism Lab:

“I don’t think you should pay for news,” Eric, a 22-year-old Chicagoan, said. “That’s something everybody should be informed in. Like, you’re going to charge me for information that’s going on around the world?” And then there’s 19-year-old Sam from San Francisco: “I really wouldn’t pay for any type of news because as a citizen it’s my right to know the news.”

4. Am I out of touch if I tell you that I don’t use any online calendar or fancy digital this and that to keep track of everything, I still use a Filofax?

5. Hey, aspiring writers! If you have talent and you’re ambitious and you work really, really hard, then maybe someday a web site will let you write for them for free!

What I’m watching

I got a nice note from an old TV Squad reader. Wait, that doesn’t sound right. I don’t know the age of this reader and I don’t want to imply that they’re old just because I worded things badly. Not that there’s anything wrong with being old, and who’s to judge what “old” is? I just meant that TV Squad hasn’t been around for several years now and this person used to read it. Maybe instead I should say “someone who used to read TV Squad?”

ANYWAY, she wanted to know what TV shows I watch these days. I don’t write about television daily like I used to – thank God – but I still watch quite a bit of it. Here are the shows I never miss (in alphabetical order):

American Pickers
The Blacklist

CBS Sunday Morning
The Flash
Last Man Standing
Mad Men
The Middle
Person Of Interest
The Price Is Right
Ray Donovan
Sherlock (the PBS one)
Sleepy Hollow
The Strain

If I’m not watching one of those I’m probably watching Turner Classic Movies.

Mad Men

satevepostmadmenBefore the final season of Mad Men starts tonight, head on over to The Saturday Evening Post for links to interviews with the cast and creator, essays, videos, even some ideas for throwing a Mad Men-themed party (you’ll need cigarettes and fondue).

Oh, and Happy Easter! I have not eaten a marshmallow Peep in 30 years.