Kanye Tweet or Advertising Slogan?

1. It’s about the feeling first.”
2. “Free thinking is a super power.”
3. “A diamond is forever.”
4. “Enjoy the present.”
5. “Infinite possibilities.”​
6. “Be all that you can be.”
7. “You deserve a break today.”
8. “Thousands of possibilities. Get yours.”
9. “Think outside the bun.”
10. “Break the normal.”
11. “We’re all kids.”
12. “Remove worry.”
13. “Today is the best day and tomorrow is going to be even better.”
14. “Trust your feelings.”
15. “Open happiness.”

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I Rate Things, Part 5

Dr. No: 8
From Russia with Love: 8
Goldfinger: 10
Thunderball: 6
You Only Live Twice: 7
On Her Majesty’s Secret Service: 7
Diamonds Are Forever: 5
Live and Let Die: 6
The Man with the Golden Gun: 5
The Spy Who Loved Me: 6
Moonraker: 6
For Your Eyes Only: 7
Octopussy: 6
A View to a Kill: 3
The Living Daylights: 6
License To Kill: 9
Goldeneye: 10
Tomorrow Never Dies: 6
The World is Not Enough: 5
Die Another Day: 4
Casino Royale: 10
Quantum of Solace: 6
Skyfall: 10
Spectre: 5

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Spring has officially sprung here, and I know this because this weekend in my apartment I killed a bee the size of a Roma tomato.

It was somewhat cool yesterday but that was just a momentary blip. The warmer weather is fully upon us. Goodbye hot tea, hello iced. I really dislike these months but this year I’ve decided to just embrace it. Call it an experiment. I’ll wear shorts and not complain about it. I’ll drink cold drinks and sit in front of the fan on those disgusting humid days and not complain about it. I won’t complain that it’s daylight until 8:30. I’ll just decide to embrace everything that summer has to offer.

Except the bees and other bugs. I reserve the right to complain about those.

Another post (about the Post)

Every now and then I like to post a “Hey, go read my weekly column at the Saturday Evening Post!” reminder. So hey, go read my weekly column at the Saturday Evening Post.

Someone read this week’s column and left a comment on a social media site that said, “I thought Andy Rooney was dead.” I believe they meant it as an insult but they don’t realize it’s one of the nicest things anyone has ever said about me.