Passing Fast Remarks

I have a newsletter (who doesn’t?). It’s called Passing Fast Remarks*.

Each newsletter is a familiar essay, a first person essay written from me to you about everyday matters big and small. I won’t know what I’m going to write to you until I sit down to write it. They’ll only be available via this mailing list, not on this site or any other.

I promise there’s no social media tie-in, no “hot takes,” and nothing takes place in the Metaverse. Just an essay sent to you via email that you can read when you want. One essay a month (plus surprise emails here and there with book/movie/TV recommendations, recipes, and more).

Price: only $10.00 for a lifetime subscription. That’s not a typo. You get a lifetime subscription for a one-time payment of $10.00! That’s what, two venti coffee drinks at Starbucks? What a deal! (And the money helps keep this site going and helps pay for new things I have planned.)

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*The name? It was something said in this 1982 news report about video games in Boston. It’s a funny phrase. It sounds like what everyone does on Twitter today, and I like it because, well, you can’t get more the opposite of Twitter than long essays.