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“Wonderful…delightful writing.” John Dickerson60 Minutes

“Bob’s writing is smart, funny, and highly readable – which is good! I suggest you buy two copies: one for yourself, and one that you give back to the clerk, angrily demanding a refund. Then, in the confusion, grab a stack of them and run and give all the stolen copies to your friends. You will love Bob’s writing.”
– Mike Nelson, Rifftrax founder and host/head writer of Mystery Science Theater 3000, on Book, with Words and Pages

“As usual, you’ve written something charming…with nuance and humor.” – Faith Salie, CBS Sunday Morning, on “OK, Millennial”

“I greatly enjoyed your essay.” Washington Post columnist George Will, on “The Web Was A Better Place Before Social Media”

“Big fan…love your writing.” – Emily Rooney, host of WGBH’s Beat the Press


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Also interviewed by PBS, FX’s Breakfast Time, MSNBC, The Atlantic Wire, and other places.