The Letter

mailmanretro2Update: The Letter has ended. Thanks to everyone who subscribed!

I hear print is where all the big money is these days, so I’m starting a newsletter.

Actually, take the news out of that word. It will be a quarterly letter, sent via snail mail, delivered to your front door by a person wearing a blue uniform! Yes, it’s 1959 all over again.

I hope mail never goes away. There’s something about getting a letter delivered to you, something you can hold in your hands, that is incredibly special, especially in this age of texting and social media (as Andy Rooney says in the video below). I still send out thank you cards and Christmas cards too (I’m trying to single-handedly save the USPS). We post on Facebook, text, and e-mail each other all day long, so it’s good to actually get something in print (besides bills and ads) that you can hold in your hand once in a while, isn’t it?

(Note to people in their teens and 20s: “letters” were like Facebook posts that you couldn’t click on. And wait until I tell you all about landline phones!)

These letters will have stuff that you won’t find on this site. It will only be found in print. (Yes, a print letter. This is how I plan to make my millions.) Each letter will have personal essays, short fiction, cartoons, recipes, and everything in between. I don’t know what I’ll be writing to you until I sit down to write it. I don’t do Facebook or Twitter so I consider letters my social network.

The cost is only $10.00 for an entire year (4 issues). That’s about two fancy Starbucks drinks. What a deal! (Note: if you already subscribed to The Letter in the past you’re all set on your current subscription – and those free gifts are coming!)

Here are all the subscription levels you can choose from:

$1.00 or more: A hearty thank you! Your donation helps keep and Professor Barnhardt’s Journal going.


$10.00: A one year subscription to the quarterly print letter, cleverly titled The Letter, which will be handwritten or typed on a typewriter, folded, put in an envelope, and mailed to you, just like olden times!


$25.00: Everything above, plus a free book, DVD, or other cool collectible I can find in my apartment.


$50.00: Everything above, plus a lifetime subscription to The Letter.


$75.00: Everything above, plus a free signed copy of anything I ever publish.

If you give anything more than that, I also owe you dinner.

Sound good? Click on the “Donate” button on the right and start your subscription today, via PayPal or credit card. It’s all safe and secure. And don’t forget your zip code!

And thank you! Any questions, send me an e-mail.